Tuesday, December 23, 2008

17 weeks...and counting

As shocking as it is, I am 17 weeks pregnant. I absolutely can't believe it. Time is really flying by. I went to the doctor yesterday and everything is fine. Baby's heartbeat was nice and strong and baby was apparently kicking away (the doctor said he could feel it...I still haven't felt anything yet...at least I don't know that I feel it). The only odd thing was that I lost two pounds. Which means that I now weigh less than when I went to the doctor for my very first appointment at about 8 weeks. The doctor wasn't at all concerned because the baby is growing and seems to be very happy in there. He said that I would gain weight when I needed to and that as long as I am eating, everything is fine. So, I'm not going to worry about it. My mom said that she only gained 18 pounds with me and 16 pounds with my sister and was back into regular clothes within a couple weeks of having each of us. So, maybe I won't gain that much weight. Or, I'm about to blow up like a balloon and gain 30 pounds over the next couple months. But, we are very excited about our next appointment on January 19...when we get to find out whether little boo boo is a boy or a girl.

With that, I will leave you all with a Happy Holidays! I hope that the next few days are filled with family, friends, and a lot of good memories.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Updates--I'm a bad blogger

Okay, so I am a horrible blogger. I log on to the site every day and catch up on my favorite blogs but I just have no motivation to write an entry. So, here is an update of my life since Thanksgiving.

The day after Thanksgiving, I started a pattern of not being able to sleep. This pattern has continued for the past few weeks. One night, I sleep fine, the next night, I spend most of my night tossing and turning. I expected to have trouble sleeping later in pregnancy, but not this early.

Speaking of pregnancy...I still don't feel pregnant. I'm 16 weeks and I am still having a hard time even remembering that I'm pregnant some days. I am ready to start showing...to have to wear ugly maternity pants! I know that is ridiculous. I'm kind of in between right now...my normal clothes are getting a little snug, but I don't feel like I can justify wearing maternity clothes yet. I'm ready to feel baby move...baby daddy (it cracks me up to call him that) is really excited for that too.

Otherwise, it's been really, really boring in my little world. I have been working and getting ready for a delightfully long Christmas break. We finished a semester worth of programming--rather successfully I might add. I can't believe that the semester is over though. It absolutely flew by. I am looking forward to the Spring semester, though I know that it will get harder as baby gets bigger...and I get bigger. I finished teaching my class, which was a big sigh of relief. I like teaching the class, but it wears me out.

So, yeah, this is the most boring post ever. I'm sorry. I will do better next time!