Friday, October 31, 2008


I'm so excited! My best friend lives far, far away in Stupid Ohio (I apologize if you live in or love the state of Ohio, however, Ohio stole my best friend, so I hate it!. Her husband is an engineer and got his first job out there, so Lise traveled to be with him of course. I was so, so sad when she left in August of 2007 (seems like an eternity ago). I have seen her a number of times since then for her bridal shower/bachelorette party, her wedding, my wedding festivities, and when she did a one night stay with me while in town for work the first week of October. I'm super excited because she and her husband are coming into town tonight to stay with Ryan and I for the night. They are going to a wedding tomorrow in St. Louis and are going to spend the evening and part of the day with us tomorrow. I can't hardly wait!! I miss her terribly and wish she would move closer. Baby needs their aunt Lise to be close!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I knew that being pregnant wouldn't be easy. Actually, so far, it hasn't been horribly bad. I haven't been too sick...just kind of nauseous, tired, and kind of cranky. After going to the doctor yesterday, I realized that this is going to be a LOOOONG 9 months. I'm sure that when I look back over it after the baby comes that it won't seem so long, but right now, it seems like an eternity. Next week...I will hit 10 weeks...which technically means that I will have made it 25% of the way through the fun.

I am just so impatient with everything. I want things when I want them...If I want a taco, I go buy a taco. If I want a new pair of shoes, I buy a new pair of shoes. But, I can't make baby come before it's ready. I'm so excited...but, I know that we have a lot to get ready for before we get to bring baby home. Just thinking about adorable little clothes, cribs, and car seats makes me so happy. In 11 weeks we will get to find out whether little boo boo is a girl or a boy. What do we want? Well, that's a post for another day :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Doctor follow-up

Well, we went to the doctor today. It was way more anti-climatic than I expected. I'm 8 weeks and 5 days. My doctors office doesn't do a sonogram until about 20 weeks unless they suspect something is wrong. He examined me...talked to me, etc. Everything is fine. It's too early to hear the heartbeat, so they didn't do that either (you generally can't hear it until about 10 weeks and it freaks people out when they try to listen and they can't find it...which I completely understand). So, right now, I'm just going to trust the doctor and wait until I go back to the doctor on November that time I will get to hear the heartbeat. So, until then, we just wait. And know that the doctor says all is well...

Freaking Out

So, it's Monday morning. Today, I go to the doctor. I was supposed to work this morning, but I decided that I wouldn't get anything done, so I thought it was better just to take the morning off. I am really, really nervous about the doctor. I just want everything with the baby to be okay. Everyone tells me that it's perfectly natural to worry about it and to think about all the things that could be wrong. I just can't shake this uneasy feeling in my stomach. I'm just scared. I just want everything to be okay.

Friday, October 24, 2008


So, today is my birthday. Today, at 1:19 AM, I officially turned 27. It's kind of a blah birthday, however, I have been thinking back today and realize that birthdays really are about numbers. is my first birthday as a married woman. I feel so thankful to have a wonderful husband that I know loves me a lot.

2...two years ago, I had one of the best birthday celebrations with my friends...that was the night that my "puke free since 93" streak ended. Thanks to my friend Emily for my new saying "puke nixed since 06" is my third birthday since my grandpa died. He really was one of my favorite people in the world. I still miss him as much today as I did the day he died. I wish he was here. is also the third birthday I have spent with Ryan. I never could have imagined that just a couple years later we would be where we are today.

6...six years ago, I finally reached that triumphant age of 21. I can vaguely remember that evening at Shenanigans.

9...nine years ago, I turned 18 and was in my freshman year of college. I remember being so excited to finally be an "adult"

10...ten years ago, I turned 17. It was the first time that I went to the mailbox on my birthday and didn't have a card from my dad. For years after that, I would still go to the mailbox on my birthday at my moms house and close my eyes and take a breath before I would open it...hoping that he would make that little effort again. It hasn't happened.

18...eighteen years ago, I was turning nine and I refused to celebrate my birthday. My beloved grandpa was in the hospital after having a quadruple bypass and wasn't going to be home. I opened no presents, had no cake...refused to acknowledge the day until my Papa could be there.

25...twenty-five years ago, I was turning two. About two months before, my little sister had come home from the hospital. The same time as my birthday, the new baby was baptized. My mom decided to have a joint "Michelle birthday/Jennifer baptism" party. Instead of a birthday cake, I had half a Smurfette birthday cake and half a "congrats on the baptism" cake. I was soooo mad that I proceeded to sit under the kitchen table and just repeat "stupid baby" over and over again. I still call my sister stupid baby to this day.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hello My Name is...wait, what is my name again?

For many years, I have heard about the fact that women become forgetful when they are pregnant. I never really believed it...I have always had an amazing memory. I remember EVERYTHING! It is a really annoying fact that I can remember conversations word for work, etc. My husband knows that he can't win a conversation when it comes down to who said what because I always remember it. Well, this week, I have realized that you really do lose your mind when you get pregnant.

Case in point, early last week, I was at the mall. I went into a Payless store with a friend. Of course I have to try on the shoes (even though I have no intention of buying any since apparently my feet are going to grow too). So, I pick up a shoe from a box, put it on my foot, admire it for a moment, and then take it off. I go to put it back in the box on the shelf, but I don't immediately see it. No biggie, this has happened before. So, I look, and look, and look. Still, no shoe box with a missing shoe. Seriously, five minutes later I am still looking when I realize, holy crap...said shoe box is in my other freaking hand. Now, my friend thought this was hilarious when I told her as we left...I however freaked out! I am not ready to lose my mind!! Ugh!!!

But, in other news, I am still feeling pretty good...I am exhausted all the time, but I haven't been sick yet. I'm hopig that doesn't hit me. I go to the doctor a week from Monday...which I'm very excited about!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

When it rains, it pours...but in a good way

In August, my husband and I decided to try to buy a house. We weren't sure if we would be able to get a loan or if we would find anything that we liked. But, we did get approved for a loan, and on our first trip out with our Realtor we found a house that we fell in love with. So, we put in an offer, which was accepted. But, one thing after another happened (more of that story later). But, finally, a month after our offer was accepted, we closed on the house. We moved in last weekend. It's a wonderful first home for us and I completely love it. I am still in the process of unpacking and organizing things, but it is coming along!

Before we got married, the hubby and I had the talk about kids. We both knew that we wanted to try to have kids right away. So, right before the wedding, I stopped taking my birth control. So, the first couple months passed with no real excitement. But, last month, I actively tried to determine when I would be ovulating so that we could really, really try. In the week leading up to the day I should have gotten my period, I was EXHAUSTED and emotional. The emotions I chalked up to the fact that I probably had PMS...the exhaustion I decided was from my lengthy work days and the preparations for moving.

This part might start with a bit of TMI for some...On Saturday, I had awful cramps. Which was really abnormal for me...because, well, I don't usually get cramps at all...and if I do, they don't hit until after I start. Here is the TMI cycle is extremely regular. I start at the same time every month...I am never, ever late. I told hubby that I would start by noon on Sunday. He looked at me as if I had two heads or something. He just couldn't comprehend what I was saying. So, Sunday morning...nothing. I spent the day wondering, and hoping. We had to go to his parent's house so he could mow the grass (they had gone to Arizona to visit his sister). Eventually, at about 5PM that night, I finally went to Walgreens and bought a pregnancy test. I didn't actually take the first test until about 8PM that night. I read the directions, peed in a cup (that sounded easier than trying to pee on the stick) and waited. The directions said not to read the results for at least three minutes. I had purchased one of the tests that says "pregnant" or "not pregnant". So, I dipped the stick and tried not to look down. I probably made it about 30 seconds. I looked down, and it already said "pregnant". My hands immediately started shaking. I went downstairs with the test and walked over to my husband. He looked at me and said "Michelle, what's wrong? You look like you just saw a ghost!". I said, "I think I'm pregnant." He said, "Why do you think that?" To which I responded "because this test says I am". He looked at it and said "you took it already? Doesn't it take a while?" He later told me that he really thought pregnancy tests took at least half an hour to give results. We then decided that we would tell our immediate families (for him, his parents and his two sisters, for me, my parents, my sister, and my grandma), but that we would wait to tell anyone else until I had gone to the doctor.

My doctor won't see you until you are at least 8 I am not going to the doctor until October 27...which means we haven't really told anyone...however, I did tell two of my good friends this week. They came over for dinner and kept flat out asking me if I was pregnant. Ryan and I had decided that if someone asked, we would tell them the truth. They were so excited! On Monday, my best friend Lise is coming to town just for one night for work (she lives in stupid Ohio...did you know that the full name of Ohio is Stupid Ohio? Sorry to anyone that lives in Ohio...I am sure it is lovely, but Ohio stole my best friend! I can't like it). I am going to tell her when she comes to town.

I guess that's it for now. I will definitely have much more to share as I progress in my pregnancy!