Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just a Pee Machine...

Yes, this is a post about pee...what has my life come to??

Before Jack was born, I heard all about how I would be peed on by my little boy. I was prepared for it. My sister thought it was hilarious to buy me "pee pee teepees" as a baby shower gift (they really don't work). When we brought Jack home and I was just learning how to change that little boy diaper, I got squirted a few times. No big deal.

Eventually we got into a rhythm and didn't have any more incidents. There was the time when he just started pulling up on stuff when he peed in the corner of his room (no, I don't typically let him run around naked...but he had just had a bath and squirmed away from me and crawled away. I was too busy laughing at that naked little but to grab him. Before I knew it, he was pulling up on the end of his crib and then peeing...like he knew what he was doing!). But, beyond that, we had pretty uneventful diaper changes.

Until about a month ago that is. All the sudden, every time we changed him, he peed all over the changing table. We have two covers for his changing table pad and it seems like one (or both) of them is always in the wash. It's like as soon as the fresh air hits him, he has to go! Sometimes it's just a little dribble, other times it is like a geyser! Every night at bath time, I undress him, take him into the bathroom, set him on the floor, and start the water. He has peed on the floor the past two nights! Yes, I realize I could run the water and then undress him. But this has been our routine for months. I haven't caught him in the act of doing it, otherwise I would tell him no. It's crazy! My mom thinks it is hilarious (she has two girls, so she knows nothing about boys! Her only comment is usually "Just wait until he can pull it out and pee whenever he wants too!". Thanks mom! That's super helpful. Ha ha!).

And now that I have lost any readers I might have for a hugely long post about pee, I will stop (hey, this blog is for me to remember things about Jack when he was growing up).

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fifteen Month Photos

I promised photos of Jack at 15 months.  So, here they are.  I had the brilliant idea to try to put him in the crib with the monkey and the sign again.  I knew it would be a disaster, but I figured I would try!

This was the first photo I took.  Actually not too bad!


And then he was off….

Playing with his mobile


Playing with the multiple signs I put in the bed to try to capture him at some point!


He sat down and just looked at me like “Seriously mom??  Can you stop doing this yet??”


And then we did some of this…


At that point, I let him out of the crib at taped a sign to his back since most of the photos I have of him are of him running away from me…



After our photo shoot, we were playing. 

I love this picture…he looks like he is seriously up to something!


I’m running!!!


Giving the baby doll kisses


Doing the “Itsy Bitsy Spider”


Hiding behind daddy!


Talking on the phone!


Woah! That was a busy day! 

Happy 15 month birthday Jack!  Mommy loves you!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fifteen Months

Okay. First, I have said it before, but I will reiterate the fact that I am the worst blogger ever. School starts at my university next week and things are INSANE! I promise that once I get through our welcome activities I am going to actively attempt to be a better blogger. I'm so good at reading other blogs, but when it comes to actually putting words on the screen, I pretty much suck!

Whew! I'm glad that is out of the way. On to way more important things...like the fact that my baby is fifteen months old today! I cannot believe it! I feel like he should still be a teeny, tiny infant that just wanted to take a nap on me. But he's not a baby anymore.

He has turned into this crazy kid

He never stops moving!

So Jack, , lets do a little recap of you these days.

  • You weigh about 24.5 pounds
  • I have no idea how tall you are night now, but we will find out when you go to the doctor next week!
  • You wear 18 month shirts and are still mostly wearing 12 month shorts. You have a little butt!
  • You are an excellent sleeper and like to sleep in. You go to bed around 8:30 every night and sleep until about 9 the next morning.
  • You are getting better at napping. You usually sleep from at least 1-3 in the afternoon. Some days it's longer. You are still not good at napping other places in pack and plays.
  • You have entered a period of not wanting to eat lately. You are too busy to eat!
  • That being said, you have discovered a love of raisins! You adore them and would probably eat multiple boxes a day if we let you.
  • You also love your milk and juice! You learned to drink from a cup with a straw (you are still figuring out the regular sippy cup thing...you can't seem to tip it back enough) and you can't get enough of the cup!
  • You "talk" nonstop and are learning more words. Your currently vocabulary includes "mama, dada, ball, bye, bite, puppy, play, pool (but only if you are near a pool) and go." You call your lovey something that sounds like "suh" and I'm not sure what that means. But you say it whenever you want lovey. You are funny because you seem to have whole conversations with me and get annoyed when I don't understand what you are saying.
  • I think that you are as done with the hot weather as I am. You love to be outside, but with it being so hot, we keep you inside. Can't wait until it gets cooler so we can go out for walks to the park more.
  • You have recently learned to walk backwards and to spin in circles until you get dizzy and fall down. It is hilarious.
  • Your favorite game right now is a combination of hide and seek and peek-a-boo. You go behind a couch, into the hallway, behind a table, etc. You hide there for a minute, and then you peek out until someone looks at you and says "Boo!" and then you laugh and laugh. It's adorable.
I'm going to take some photos of you tomorrow and will post them soon. We need some updated Jack photos!