Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just a Pee Machine...

Yes, this is a post about pee...what has my life come to??

Before Jack was born, I heard all about how I would be peed on by my little boy. I was prepared for it. My sister thought it was hilarious to buy me "pee pee teepees" as a baby shower gift (they really don't work). When we brought Jack home and I was just learning how to change that little boy diaper, I got squirted a few times. No big deal.

Eventually we got into a rhythm and didn't have any more incidents. There was the time when he just started pulling up on stuff when he peed in the corner of his room (no, I don't typically let him run around naked...but he had just had a bath and squirmed away from me and crawled away. I was too busy laughing at that naked little but to grab him. Before I knew it, he was pulling up on the end of his crib and then peeing...like he knew what he was doing!). But, beyond that, we had pretty uneventful diaper changes.

Until about a month ago that is. All the sudden, every time we changed him, he peed all over the changing table. We have two covers for his changing table pad and it seems like one (or both) of them is always in the wash. It's like as soon as the fresh air hits him, he has to go! Sometimes it's just a little dribble, other times it is like a geyser! Every night at bath time, I undress him, take him into the bathroom, set him on the floor, and start the water. He has peed on the floor the past two nights! Yes, I realize I could run the water and then undress him. But this has been our routine for months. I haven't caught him in the act of doing it, otherwise I would tell him no. It's crazy! My mom thinks it is hilarious (she has two girls, so she knows nothing about boys! Her only comment is usually "Just wait until he can pull it out and pee whenever he wants too!". Thanks mom! That's super helpful. Ha ha!).

And now that I have lost any readers I might have for a hugely long post about pee, I will stop (hey, this blog is for me to remember things about Jack when he was growing up).

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