Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hello My Name is...wait, what is my name again?

For many years, I have heard about the fact that women become forgetful when they are pregnant. I never really believed it...I have always had an amazing memory. I remember EVERYTHING! It is a really annoying fact that I can remember conversations word for work, etc. My husband knows that he can't win a conversation when it comes down to who said what because I always remember it. Well, this week, I have realized that you really do lose your mind when you get pregnant.

Case in point, early last week, I was at the mall. I went into a Payless store with a friend. Of course I have to try on the shoes (even though I have no intention of buying any since apparently my feet are going to grow too). So, I pick up a shoe from a box, put it on my foot, admire it for a moment, and then take it off. I go to put it back in the box on the shelf, but I don't immediately see it. No biggie, this has happened before. So, I look, and look, and look. Still, no shoe box with a missing shoe. Seriously, five minutes later I am still looking when I realize, holy crap...said shoe box is in my other freaking hand. Now, my friend thought this was hilarious when I told her as we left...I however freaked out! I am not ready to lose my mind!! Ugh!!!

But, in other news, I am still feeling pretty good...I am exhausted all the time, but I haven't been sick yet. I'm hopig that doesn't hit me. I go to the doctor a week from Monday...which I'm very excited about!

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