Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I love living in the Midwest, but one thing that I hate is the bipolar nature of the weather. While yesterday was kind of rainy, it was 70 degrees. Today, it's 40. I realize that it is November 9 and we have been extremely spoiled with good weather...and that winter is inevitable, but couldn't we have a gradual change?

In other news, I am really excited about Christmas this year! Jack is going to get a train table, which we know he will love! I can't wait to see what he thinks when he gets up on Christmas morning and sees it! I have had to stop myself from buying it already because I know that I will just want to set it up now and play with it! I even asked my lovely husband if I could put up the Christmas tree (that's a no). So, to quench my thirst for all things Christmas, I have been listening to Christmas music in the car and pondering when I can sit down and watch my favorite Christmas movie...Love Actually (yes, that is my favorite Christmas movie of all time).

I'm also trying to pick out a Christmas card for our family. We got some decent family pictures taken so I definitely want a photo card, but the options are just to hard to chose from! I love them all!

Alright, I'm trying to be a better blogger and blog more, so this is my first (albeit boring) post in that hopefully long stretch of interesting pieces! I promise the next one will at least have pictures or something!

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