Thursday, October 29, 2009

Five Months....

Jack Ryan...

You are five months old! You have started doing so many new things! You seem to get bigger every day and learn a new "trick" every day! Here's what you are up to these days:

You wear a size 2-3 or 3 diaper.
You finally rolled over from your tummy to your back on October 24.
You still love your bouncy seat
You have a "lovey" that you love to hold and chew on (it's a little blankie with a dog or a bear)
You are very strong! You try to sit up whenever we hold you.
You wear size 6-9 months clothes.
You love to take baths and to be naked!
You love to play with your rings
You still suck your thumb a lot!
You love Clifford the Big Red Dog.
You sleep for 12 hours at night and don't really like to take naps during the day unless you are sleeping on someone. I love the weekends because I can lay on the couch with you and snuggle!
You are eating lots of different fruits and vegetables these days.
You hate green beans and peas.
You love carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, apples with cherries, pears, and bananas.
You "talk" non-stop!
Your laugh is the sweetest sound in the world.
You are absolutely the reason I get up every morning!

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