Monday, February 8, 2010

Eight Months

Jack are 8 months old. Okay, you have been 8 months old for over two is just really slow with the posts! What are you up to these days?

You wear size 9 month pants and mostly size 12 month onesies. You have a very long torso!

You sit up on your own, but sometimes you forget to catch yourself when you fall backwards!

You have absolutely no interest in crawling! We are pretty sure you will go straight to walking!

You say "hi" all the time. You especially like to say hi to your cousin Rory.

Speaking of Rory, you are obsessed with him! You think he is the best. He is 11 weeks older than you. You two spend lots of time with Papa and Go Go during the week. He is teaching you all sorts of bad how to hit mommy. We hope that maybe you will learn to walk from him too.

You absolutely love "people" food. We haven't found anything that you won't eat yet. Current favorites include cheerios, mashed potatoes, french fries, hamburgers, chicken, and avocado. You sit there with your mouth open like a little bird until we put something in it!

You are a horrible nap taker. You take a short nap in the morning and a short nap in the afternoon. It's really hard for mom to get anything done when you won't sleep! I can't complain though, because you sleep for over 12 hours at night.

You now have six teeth! Four on the top and two on the bottom. The four on the top all came in at once. That was a very rough week for all of us! Poor baby!

Your monthly photo shoots are getting refuse to leave the sign alone!

I can usually get one photo out of the group where you smile!
And, your hair is getting crazy! You can have a little mohawk.

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