Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Hardest Thing

Like many people, I started a diet at the first of the year. It's cliche, but I needed to do it. I look at my beautiful little boy and I know that I need to get healthy for him. Some friends of mine and I started an online support group on Facebook to help each other along. It's definitely been a great thing during this first week.

Losing weight is the hardest thing ever. I will say one thing...I've been the same weight for approximately five years, give or take 10 pounds. When I was pregnant with Jack, I gained 18 pounds, which was right on target. He was nearly eight pounds and I was back in my pre-pregnancy clothes a week after he was born. My problem is losing the weight. But, I need to do it, so I'm working on it.

This week has been rough. The first two days I was hungry ALL THE TIME. OH MY GAAAHH. Get in my belly food!! But, the past two days have been a little better. I decided to do Weight Watchers Online for a few months so I can get a handle on things. It's a lot of work. I plan meals and take lunch and snacks to work. But, it will be okay. I can have anything I want...just in moderation. I get my flex points every week that I can use to have some french fries if I want them...or a milk shake...or a big, juicy, cheeseburger (which is my current craving...hello Red Robin!).

So, tomorrow is our first weigh in. We are weighing in every Friday. It's only been four days since I started, so I don't expect to lose much...but I'm afraid that I won't have lost anything and that I'm going to get frustrated. I'm hoping to have lost a half a pound at least. That would be a start.

My initial goal is to lose 10 pounds. It's attainable and I can see the light at the end of that tunnel. If I were to look at the total amount that I need to lose, it would be completely overwhelming. So, 10 pounds it is. And when I reach that, I will reward myself with a pedicure! And then I will look at another 10 pounds. I hope that by the time Jack's birthday rolls around in a little over five months (how is it possible that I will have a two year old in a little over five months???), I won't be ashamed of the photos that are taken. I don't know how much weight I will have lost by then, but I can guarantee I will at least weigh a little less than I do now!

My little weight loss group all shared photos of ourselves as a "before". So, here are mine...for posterity sake. All I can say is UGH!

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