Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Love/Hate Wednesday

A few things that I am loving/hating today:

Love:  That the sun finally came out this afternoon
Hate:   That I can already feel my winter seasonal depression coming on.

Love:   That Jack is FINALLY potty training.

Hate:    That my baby is growing up!  He's going to be off to college sooner than I want to think about.

Love:  That Carson is rolling around, sitting on his own, and starting to learn to crawl.
Hate:   See above...I think it's time to trade him in for a newer model

Love:   That I get to see my best friend this weekend--yay Chicago road trip!
Hate:   That I am being guilted about leaving the kids for the weekend (by someone who shall remain nameless)

Love:   That the holidays are almost here!
Hate:   That it has to get cold for us to have Thanksgiving and Christmas

Love:  That Barack Obama won re-election
Hate:    That everyone has to get so hateful about it.  The world is not coming to an end people.

Love:   White Chocolate Hot Chocolate with caramel from Starbucks
Hate:   The dent it places in my wallet whenever I indulge. 

Love:   That my Christmas cards are ready to be ordered.
Hate:  That this is the best family picture we got.

What are you loving and hating this week?

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