Sunday, July 19, 2009

Two Months

Jack Ryan...

You are two whole months old today! I am not sure where the time has gone. Here are a few things about you this month...

You STILL sleep in your car seat, however, you now sleep very well in your car seat in your crib. We aren't sure why you refuse to lay flat, but you do. As soon as mommy lays you down, you wake up, even if you are completely asleep. It's bizarre.

You are still in a size one diaper but they seem to be much smaller than they once were!

You are wearing 0-3 month or 3 month clothes now. You have a couple pairs of newborn shorts that still fit you...however, when I held them up to a pair of your three month shorts from a different store, the newborn ones are actually bigger. Can't quite figure that out.

According to our scale at home, you weigh about 12 pounds now and when we measure you, you are about 23 inches long (maybe a little less). We think you are going to be tall!

You still love to hang out in your swing and take little naps in there. You also like to just look around while you swing.

You also love to lay in your bed and look up at the monkey mobile. You smile at it a lot.

Speaking of smiling, you are getting more generous with the smiles. If someone smiles at you, you will smile back at them. It melts peoples hearts to see that toothless little grin.

You are awake much more during the day now, which is exciting. We talk to you, sing lots of songs, and play with you. At night, you have gotten pretty consistent. You typically go to sleep between 10PM and 10:30PM and sleep until 4AM, then you go back to sleep. This has been good for mom and dad. We take turns getting up with you at night. You just want a little something to eat and then you go right back to sleep.

The biggest change this month is that mom has gone back to work. It was really hard for on the other hand are enjoying your time at grandma's house.

You are such a wonderful little boy! We love you Jack Ryan.

At one month...

At two months....

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