Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July and Back to work

We had a fun weekend with our families! On 4th of July, we visited with both Ryan's family and my family. The weather was definitely not great! It rained for a good chunk of the day, then it was cloudy and cool, and then it rained again. The fireworks were canceled, so we didn't get to see them. My aunts neighbor was setting off some really cool ones, so we watched a bit of those before heading home. Jack was mesmerized by them!

On Sunday, Ryan's nephew Rory was baptized. Jack and I didn't go to the church, but we went over to their house afterwards for a BBQ. We hung out there for a few hours. When we came home, I had a massive task to complete. I had to clean out my closed. it was a mess!! I had been putting this off the entire time I have been on maternity leave, but it was finally time to do it. It took me three hours, but I finally got it finished. I really wanted to take all of my clothes out and reorganize them, but I didn't have time for that. I felt accomplished when I was done.

I have to go to work tomorrow to interview a candidate for a new position in my office. This person would report to me, so I'm pretty excited. I am not, however, happy to be working the next three days when I am supposed to be on maternity leave. I officially go back to work on July 15. I am NOT happy about it. I want to stay home with my sweet baby boy. He is just getting to a fun stage where he is awake more and is starting to smile a lot and be more interactive. But, mom has to make some money! I know that it will be hard for a while but that it will get easier to leave him every morning. I am such a dork...I'm getting teary just typing this! I'm trying to win the $130 million Mega Millions lottery jackpot tomorrow so that I don't have to go back, but that doesn't quite seem likely!

I will leave you with some photos...

A family photo on 4th of July. Jack's face cracks me up. He's so cute!

I just think that he looks like such a big boy in this picture. I just love that little face!!

Jack and his Papa. He loves Papa!

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