Friday, July 24, 2009

Wedding Flashback...

So, over at Kelly's Corner there is are doing a thing where you "Show Us Your Life". This week, we are showing off our wedding dresses. So, here are some photos. Now, mind you, some of these are pictures of pictures, others are just candids from our wedding day, so please bear with me!

Okay, so you can't really see my dress in this one...but it's my favorite picture from the day. I absolutely love it. You see, the day of our wedding was started raining during the ceremony (a huge, huge storm rolled in...we were watching it during our short ceremony through the floor to ceiling windows where we had our ceremony). It didn't stop for a while, so we weren't going to be able to go take outdoor pictures like we wanted to. However, when we got to the reception site, the sun came out, so I decided that we should tromp through the wet grass to get some pictures next to the pond in the back of the reception hall. was sunny!

My dress was actually ivory and had spaghetti straps and a lot of embellishment at the back of the dress on the train. I absolutely loved it. None of my pictures really show off the detail of the dress at all. My veil was pretty just had some little jewel rhinestone things on the edges with some beads.
In this next picture you can see the back of the dress a had a corset back which I loved. It held everything in place where it needed to be! This was where we got married...the whole wall behind us was floor to ceiling windows (we got married on the college campus where I work. This room overlooks the was quite pretty).

This was the back of my hair. I loved the hairpins that I ordered. They were fantastic! And I got them for super cheap on Etsy. I didn't love the front of my hair (I wished it was a little more poufy but what are you going to do?).

And this picture lets you see some of the embellishment on my dress. I was looking quite shiny at this point. I was actually sick on my wedding day...I ended up with a nasty case of strep throat and a 103 degree temperature by Monday. But, somehow I was okay on the wedding day. I think someone was watching over me that day and making sure i was okay. By the next morning, I could barely swallow. It was then that I was really happy we waited to go on our honeymoon (we left a week after our wedding). It also worked out well because my sister actually went into labor on Monday with my beautiful niece Ava, so if we had left right after the wedding, I would have missed seeing her when she was first born...although I didn't get to hold her until Thursday because of my illness.

So, those are a few snapshots from my wedding day. I have tons more, but I'll save some more for next week when we will be showing off our wedding party, etc. Woohoo!


  1. Love the pics of you and your dress! Looks like a great wedding

  2. I loved all your wedding of my favorite things to look at are wedding pictures...and your dress was gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. I am drawing for two giveaways on Monday with a fun hope you will stop by.

  3. I Love your dress, the pic of you & your husband by the lake is beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!