Monday, December 14, 2009

Being Green...a slight rant.

Let me start this post by saying that I have nothing against the "be green" movement and the idea of saving our planet for future generations. I am absolutely for all of that. With that being said, let me begin.

It's Christmastime. This is one of my favorite times of the year! I love Christmas music. I love putting up my Christmas tree. I love driving through neighborhoods and looking at Christmas lights. I love buying gifts for the people that I love. I love sharing this season with my baby boy. And, I absolutely love getting Christmas cards! Kelly over at Kelly's Korner was talking about this last week. I adore going to the mailbox, opening it up, and seeing those green, red, white, and gold envelopes peeking out at me. It's such a welcome respite from all the bills, junk mail, and catalogs that I receive on a daily basis.

This year, however, I noticed that I was receiving fewer Christmas cards. I thought to myself, "well, people are busy, maybe they are just running late with getting the cards out this year." Then I started getting some emails. People would say "we are trying to be "green" this year, so we are sending out an email newsletter or card." I literally got ten of these over the weekend. As I mentioned previously, I'm all for saving the planet, and for being green to a certain extent. I recycle. I think before I print an email or a document. However, I will not stop sending Christmas cards because I want to save the planet. One family indicated that they didn't send an actual card because her husband had lost his job and they simply couldn't afford the postage. That, my friends, is completely understandable. But the other nine...well...I was slightly annoyed. This is literally putting a damper on my holiday. I actually keep all the Christmas cards that I receive in a box with all my Christmas stuff. Then when I get all that stuff out, I have all the previous years cards to look at (and to remember who sent me a card that year that I might otherwise forget. I mean, not that I don't love my husband's great aunt so and so, but I have never met the woman! I might not remember to put her name on the Christmas card list). I also keep all the envelopes so that I have their addresses handy.

With all this email business, how am I supposed to keep track, dang it?? I guess what this comes down to is that I don't like change! I was telling my mom about this over the weekend, and she just laughed at me. I'm a major techie...I love to have the newest items as soon as they come out! I usually get behind anything technological. But, in this case, I just can't do it!

Thoughts? How do you feel about e-Christmas cards??

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